Thursday, December 8, 2011

Captain Pun

Superpower(s): His jokes are so bad and pun laden that they cause physical pain; they are not punny at all. He can improve the penetration power of his weapon by megaphone.

Secret Identity: Captain Pun started as an acrobatic pilot for the Air Force under the alias Captain Giggles – the WW1 Ace. During a performance he clipped the ground and landed hard on his elbow breaking his funny bone. The damage was irreparable and he could never tell a good joke again. He sought solace in puns, turning to a life of crime.

Appearance: Captain Pun has a peg leg, made entirely of pegs joined together, and a peg elbow. Late at night he wears a ships wheel down his pants.

Best Known For: Attempting to rustle all of the cattle from Argentina - when captured by police, he claimed he was only mooving them. Apprehending officers were hospitalised for 5 days and Captain Pun escaped in a freight truck. The police had handcuffed him, so he got a bullock to steer.

Notable Quotes: “It's drivin’ me nuts!”

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