Friday, December 2, 2011

The Vessel


A scientific mastermind and avid comic-book collector, Vessel attempted to gain crime-fighting superpowers by electrocuting himself in a large vat of mutagenic ooze together with a live shark, a scorpion and an industrial laser. Upon regaining consciousness, he discovered that he had become imbued with the abilities of a vat.

Vessel can rearrange his molecular structure at will to become a vat of any size with equal mass to his body. With sufficient concentration, he can act as a dinghy or a bathtub, however this does not prevent him from becoming all pruney if he stays in the water too long.

Secret Identity:
By day, Cornelius Tranh works in R&D for a large pharmaceutical conglomerate. Due to his electrically-induced memory loss and the laboratory fire caused by an industrial laser explosion, Cornelius has only a vague recollection of how he gained his powers.

A vat. Nothing like a ship.

Best Known For:
Trapping criminals by falling on them.

Notable Quotes:
"I've reached a high high level with crime!"

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