Friday, October 7, 2011

The Incredible Man

Superpower: others have difficulty believing anything the incredible man says.

Secret Identity: In normal day to day life, the incredible man struggles in his life as a real estate agent, generally failing to convince buyers or sellers that he knows what he is talking about, despite having the frostiest tips and pointiest shoes. The incredible man, also has particular trouble applying for loans and credit cards.

Appearance: once in superhero mode, the incredible man dons an impressive mullet, wrap around sunglasses and head to toe compression garments. He is also known to wear a balance bracelet for increased health and vitality, heightening his powers of incredulity.

Best Known For: Was instrumental in foiling an armed robbery of a service station, after spending 30 minutes trying to convince the would be robber that it was impossible to remove cash from an ATM by forcing your arm into the cash dispensing slot. The police arrived a few hours later to find the perpetrator, having already severed one arm, attempting to force the second one into the slot.

Notable Quotes:"No, really, its impossible to get your entire fist into your mouth"

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