Sunday, October 16, 2011


Superpower: Catman is able to survive virtually any fall, unfortunately, upon landing he gets knocked out for a period of time, proportional to the fall- normally a few hours, which is pretty inconvenient if you're jumping out of a window to get away from something.

Secret Identity: Before discovering his superpower, Catman, worked as a day trader at the stock exchange. During the recent crash, and losing a substantial sum of money, he decided it was wise to exit through the window. Of the 30th floor. His co workers were understandably surprised when he returned to work the next day as though nothing had happened. Catman has since declared bankruptcy and now lives off welfare and pub bets about jumping from tall buildings. Catman wasn't happy with his superhero name, and spent a period trying to be known as "the fall guy", which he believed was more accurate. He as also been know by the names "The scaredy cat", due to his tendency to jump out of the nearest window at the first sign of trouble, and also the cat napper because of his narcoleptic landings. This also ruined his short lived "kitty day-care" business, no one trusts someone known as "The Cat Napper" with their pets.

Appearance: Being unempolyed, Catman normally wears a tracksuit and runners, but when making an appearance as Catman, he will wear a furry cat suit, which appears as though its made from shag pile carpet and could easily be confused with a bad mascot outfit, or a fund raising costume.

Best Known For: A tragic incident when he attempted to rescue his neighbors goldfish from her burning appartment. Catman lept from the 5th floor window with the fishbowl. He was found asleep at the scene, the goldfish did not survive the fall.

Notable Quotes:"I bet you fifty bucks, I could jump out of that window, and not break my legs."

Sidekick: Ammonia Boy.

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