Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Chamois

Super Power: Super absorbent, but can not release the water on command. The water has to leak out over several hours so that when he gets up for work and has a shower, the Chamois has to wait until he is sufficiently empty to begin his day. This can take hours.

Secret Identity: he lives as Davo, an electrician with a nervous twitch. He was most of the way through his trade when as an apprentice, he spilled his coffee onto equipment. Panicking, he grabbed the nearest rag, a chamWow chamois, and tried to mop up the mistake and a high amount of current surged through his body, changing him at the molecular level for ever. Always remember to isolate.

Appearance: Sweaty and clammy. The Chamois looks like a man who has just done a moderate amount of exercise with a sheen that is normally reserved for shoes. Not the warlock kind. He has to wear as little clothes as possible to increase the surface area of exposed skin to air to help him dry out and shed water. He favours elastic bands and lose fitting clothes to allow for the volume increase when he takes on water. He wears towels upon his head as a necessity to mop up drips.

Notable Quotes: "Oh no, raining again"

Best Known For: He starred in an unsuccessful TV advertising campaign for an antiperspirant. Unfortunately it was proven that nothing could keep him dry for any length of time. The company was sued and his reputation ruined.

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